The village school was housed in the McCosh Hall during 2013, while our brand new eco friendly school was built. The new school was opened on 12th February 2014 by Councillor Margaret Toner. Pupils and staff are delighted to have moved in. Some quotes from the children:

"It is much bigger and much better"

"I can't wait to come back tomorrow"

"I want to sleep in it"

"It's more exciting to come to school"

"The new school is more colourful, brighter and more comfortable to learn in"

"The gym hall is the best"

"It's a lot quieter and there is more space to find a quiet place to work"

"The orange and grey floors are just amazing"

"The new touchscreen whiteboards are awesome"

The classrooms are more colourful and there is more space to do your work"

"The lights in the library look like colourful spaceships"



The new School will provide a superior learning environment for the children in the village and coupled with the first-rate teaching and support staff we have all the components to assure the pupils fulfill their full potential.

A new nursery school will open shortly after the move to the new school, this will be part of the new building and being an integral part of the school will assist the nursery children when they move on to their primary education.

The McCosh Hall, our temporary school, can be seen in the left picture below - it's the red stone building with the tower. The other pictures are from opening day - walking up from the McCosh, cutting the ribbon, and launching the balloons.

Karen Butchart is our Head Teacher, a shared post with Straiton Primary

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