Kirkmichael Primary School Parent Council

Kirkmichael Primary School Parent Council exists to represent the rights of parents and children at the school and to promote their involvement in all aspects of learning and teaching in the school. We may be a small school, but the Parent Council tries to make it one with a big voice.

The Parent Council is a statutory body formed in 2007, replacing the former School Board, and incorporating the then Parent Teacher Association.

Members of the Parent Council are elected by the Parent Forum, and elections are held annually at our AGM.

We support the school in its work with pupils, support the school and pupils during school inspections, and play a role in the appointment of the head teacher.

We represent the views of all parents to the school management team and to South Ayrshire Council where appropriate and we report back to wider parent body (the Parent Forum).

Additionally, the Parent Council organises events to provide funding for extra educational resources to enhance the learning experience of our children, and encourage links between the school, parents, pupils, pre-school groups and the wider community.

Keep Up To Date

For more information contact Matt Drummond at

All parent and carers of children at the Primary School are welcome to join us at our meetings. Please come along and show your support.

Read a copy of the minutes from our most recent meeting here