Kirkmichael Village Renaissance

Kirkmchael Village Renaissance - KVR - was formed as a not for profit limited company in 2010 It acts for the benefit of the community and supports events and development projects in the village. The Community Shop and Café is the trading arm of KVR.

Exciting events to look out for

McCosh Hall handback party - more details when the school moves to its new home. Mid year music festival. Firework night Wednesday November 5th at 7.30 at the Play park

Do you want to make the village even better?

Create a better play park? Restore the Community Garden? Organise a music festival? Help with the website? Join in a Reminiscence project with the school children? Organise a car boot sale?

Over £35,000 raised through grants and fundraising for the community since 2010

Latest meeting minutes (opens in new window):


Why not get involved?

Contact your Board members

Caroline Lorimer, Chair: 01655 750350,
Catriona Haston, Secretary
Norman Wilson, Treasurer

Patrick Lorimer, James Hall, Eleanor Scobie, Frank Potter, Gordon Pettigrew, Campbell Smith