Community Council

The Community Council for Crosshill, Straiton and Kirkmichael meets once a month, on the last Thursday of the month.

There are 3 places on the council for each village:

Kirkmichael is represented by Campbell Smith, Patrick Lorimer and John Haston. Straiton is represented by Henry Anderson, Bea Holden and Mary Arthur. Crosshill is represented by Bill Grieg, Don Macintyre (co-opted) and one vacancy.

Henry Anderson is Chair, Campbell Smith is Treasurer and John Haston is Secretary.

We have recently been involved in meetings regarding wind farms that are planned for this area. Other things that the community council have been involved in are the taking over of the Straiton toilets, when they were closed by South Ayrshire Council, flower tubs for the three villages and an application to the Lottery for funds to take over the McCosh Hall. This was unsuccessful but was overtaken by the formation of KVR and the community shop venture.

Keep Up To Date

Contact the secretary, John Haston on 01655 750447, or email

Meetings are open to the public and local councillors are also invited to attend.

Anyone is welcome to attend and can make a real difference to the community, not just reporting potholes!